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Your car is an investment and it must be properly maintained for optimal performance. While it may require the odd repair or service from time to time, you also need to get a logbook servicing as scheduled. Manufacturers will recommend a certain time interval after which the vehicle needs to be serviced according to their specifications. This maintains your car’s warranty and ensures that it runs smoothly for a long time.

Tarneit Car Service is an authorised logbook service centre in Tarneit. Our car mechanic are well-trained to work on your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards. We can handle almost every automobile brand on Australian roads.

What Does a Logbook Service Include?

A logbook service is always performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Different brands have their own set of logbook servicing requirements but will generally include the following:

Logbook Service

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  • Registration Checks – We will ensure that important records pertaining to your car and its manufacturer are properly maintained.

  • Engine Oil and Filter Change – For better power output on your drive, our mechanics will change your engine oil and filter.

  • Scheduled Service Items – All of the various systems specified by the manufacturer will be inspected and/or replaced accordingly.

  • Engine and Battery Checks – We ensure that your engine and battery are in perfect condition for optimal performance.

  • Undercarriage Checks – Our team also looks for possible damage to your vehicle’s underside and repairs them immediately.

  • Inspection and Safety Checks – We will keep you safe on the road by performing all necessary safety checks and inspections on the bumpers, horns, mirrors and indicators.

  • Road Test – Our experienced mechanics perform a road test up to speeds of 60 km/hr. and provide you with a comprehensive report on its performance.

Why Choose Tarneit Car Service for Logbook Servicing?

A car’s logbook service is an integral part of its maintenance schedule. Tarneit Car Service is your one-stop logbook servicing centre in Tarneit for vehicles of all brands. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Comprehensive Logbook Services – Whether you require a new car logbook service or similar services for a vehicle you have owned for a while, we’ve got you covered. We strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s specified recommendations to ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition.

  • Qualified Mechanics – Only expertswill work on your vehicle to ensure that its warranty remains intact and is not breached.

  • Affordability – Our car logbook service quotes are very reasonable and will easily fit your budget without any issues.

  • Quality Spare Parts – Should any part require replacement, only high-quality products that meet OEM specifications are used.

Expert Car Logbook Services in Tarneit, Melbourne

Get your logbook stamped by skilled mechanics at Tarneit Car Service. We will provide the best services so that you continue to have the best experience when you get on the road. Bring your car in for logbook servicing today. For more information about our quotes, call us on 0499 761 789 or send us an email at

Logbook servicing follows the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Different vehicles, models and makes have different maintenance schedules that are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and top performance of your car. The car mechanic follows the manufacturer’s guidelines on various fluid changes or top-ups, cleaning, tuning or replacement of various parts.

This not only helps you enjoy the warranty on various parts but also provides top performance from your car. Logbook servicing also helps to extend the lifespan of your vehicles. During this service, certified mechanics perform specific checks and services using the latest tools and equipment. Another advantage of logbook servicing is an enhanced resale value as the vehicle is well-maintained.

In a logbook service, the authorised workshop follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. These are guidelines based on the vehicle’s make and model. The carmaker provides detailed instructions on the checks that need to be made, along with adjustments, cleaning, repairs of parts and fluid changes or top-up, which must be done after a specified time or mileage. These are vital for peak performance and to maintain the validity of the warranty on various parts.

A regular service has engine tune-ups and oil and filter changes that are done as per car mechanics’ knowledge, and experience. However, in the case of logbook servicing, your car gets the specific maintenance and service that it needs as intended by the manufacturer.

Scheduled logbook servicing ensures your car’s performance, and safety, and helps you retain the warranty on its parts. This is done as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and is designed to fix and rectify any faults in the car. This leads to top-notch performance and better fuel efficiency. Car logbook service also helps avoid on-road failures and ensures that the critical components can complete their lifespan.

If you do not get the service done according to the logbook, you can lose your warranty and make out-of-pocket repairs that can be costly. It also reduces the resale value of your car.

If you have lost your car’s logbook, don’t panic. Contact your car’s manufacturer or authorised dealer and request a replacement. You may need to provide the necessary documentation and complete their specified process. It is critical to keep a logbook or record of your car’s service history. It helps you retain the warranty on expensive parts and retain your car’s resale value. Another way to facilitate the issue of a new logbook smoothly is to keep a record of all service, maintenance, and repairs, along with the receipts of the same. You can also consider keeping a scanned/digital copy of your logbook with you.


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